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overhead or downhole
Underground or surface!


The VAN RUTH® SUB SET GROUT PACKER (SSGP) has many applications for both surface and underground use. Designed for pressure grouting drill holes at any angle including overhead the SSGP is also used together with CWBP to pressure grout specific fault zones, fortify unstable formations and to facilitate permeability testing. The SSGP has also been useful in drill string withdrawal.

The SSGP is assembled onto the foot rod of the drill string via a re-usable setting sub (if needed, the SSGP can be further subbed to smaller size rods using a crossover sub) and is inserted into the drill hole to the required depth. This setting sub is equipped with a left hand thread to prevent loosening of rod string joints when spinning off the packer. Do not overtighten the SSGP to setting sub to avoid packer rotating in hole while spinning off. Pulling back on the rod string will activate the locking slips and expand the seal. Maintain tension on packer and grouting can begin.

The SSGP is equiped with an internal non return valve for pressure grouting and overhead use, there is no need to wait for cement to set due to this non return valve.

After grouting is completed, disengage the packer by maintaining a little tension and apply clockwise rotation to spin the rod string and sub assembly leaving the packer in the drill hole. Circulating water while pulling rods will clean cement from rod string. The SSGP may be drilled out after cementing operations if required.

**A re-usable setting sub (SS) is required as an adapter between the rods and the packer. Ususally one setting sub is ordered per rig or site**

SSGP L/S - Leed Sleeve for use in high flow holes makes it easier to insert the packer into the hole.
SSGP Stackable - Threaded bottom section to enable multiple packers to be joined together and inserted into the hole.

Construction: Drillable aluminium and urethane.