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The VAN RUTH® HOLD UP PLUG (HUP) has applications for both surface and underground use and is designed to increase safety in the case of high flow water or tooling exiting the drill rod. The plug is particularly effective as a safety feature when working on an up hole in an underground environment. Having the HUP in the drill string allows an operator to mitigate the risk of tooling falling through the drill string while pulling rods when there is a problem in the hole, such as a stuck inner tube.

The HUP is inserted in the rod string and pumped upward or downward. The plug will lock it's self in position once it reaches an obstical. A non return bleed valve is incorporated into the plug to allow pumping into a blind hole or where a hole is making water.

Construction: Aluminium, spring steel and rubber. Also available in non spark materials as illustrated in black. Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) available upon request.

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