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Uphole pressure? HOLD THAT packer DOWN HOLE!


The VAN RUTH® HOLD DOWN PLUG (HD) is used where higher pressures are expected in the drill hole below a CWBP or CWTP location or where up hole suction or slippage is of concern.

The HD PLUG is placed on top of a CWBP or CWTP by pumping through the drill string and upon leaving the rods adds an opposing mechanical lock in the bore hole preventing up hole slippage.

A CWBP and HD PLUG can be pumped down together and set in the drill hole in one operation. The procedure is to insert the CWBP in to the head rod and pump the CWBP down some 20 meters or more into the rod string then insert the HD PLUG into the head rod then follow the normal procedure for setting the CWBP. Once the CWBP is set, raise the rods a further 400mm and set the HD PLUG as per instructions. HD PLUGS may be drilled out if required.

NOTE: The above method of pumping the two down together cannot be used with the CWTP packer - The CWTP packer and HD PLUG must be set separately.

Construction: Drillable aluminium, steel and urethane. Also available in non spark materials as illustrated in black. Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) available upon request.

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