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BLeed air pockets while GROUTING uphole or PROvide an anchor to hoist instruments


The VAN RUTH® ANCHOR PLUG (AP) is designed to enable grouting of overhead drill holes by anchoring a PVC hose up hole to evacuate air from blind holes in impervious formations. The ANCHOR PLUG fitted with a stainless eye pictured above left is used to facilitate up hole hoisting of equipment.

The ANCHOR PLUG is placed by pumping up through the drill string and locks in the drill hole upon leaving the rods.

GROUTING OVERHEAD BLIND DRILL HOLES the ANCHOR PLUG is inserted in to an open rod string with a length of PVC hose assembled onto the 1/2" BSP Female thread in the plug. With a stuffing box attached, the ANCHOR PLUG is pumped through the drill string up hole and from the rods near the end of the drill hole. The ANCHOR PLUG locks in place once it has left the rods. Once in place and rods have been removed and with stuffing box installed, grouting of the hole can begin. Grout is pumped up through the annulus between the PVC hose and the drill hole bleeding the displaced air through the ANCHOR PLUG and returning back down through the PVC hose. Grout discharge from the hose means grouting of the drill hole is complete.

HOISTING: ANCHOR PLUGS ordered with M8 eyes are used as up hole hoisting anchors for equipment and instruments. A small pulley and rope is secured to the stainless eye. Please state "hoisting" on purchase orders for this option

Please state the application the AP is to be used: Hoisting or Grouting when ordering

Construction: Drillable aluminium and urethane. Hoisting Plug will have additional stainless steel. Both versions are available in non spark materials illustrated above in black. Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) available upon request.

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